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ROT’s Happening?

My mind is buzzing with the real-life challenges our clients face daily in managing ROT. 

For those who might be scratching their heads, ROT isn’t about that leftover sandwich you forgot in the office fridge last month. It’s about the digital detritus that piles up silently in our systems, complicating our efforts to extract meaningful insights and ensure compliance. Believe me, in our data-saturated age, ROT can be the silent efficiency killer in any organization’s data strategy. 

While these upcoming events have me excited (and they truly do!), they’ve also been a stark reminder of the tangible challenges organizations grapple with. Here’s a story that might resonate with many of you. 

A Real-Life ROT Challenge

Consider a mid-size healthcare organization that took the leap into Microsoft 365 (M365) a few years back, hoping for streamlined operations. Instead of a smooth sail, they found themselves navigating a storm of duplicated files, outdated patient records, and a barrage of trivial emails and documents. Their IT team was swamped, their legal team on edge, and their end-users? Well, let’s just say they weren’t thrilled. 

But here’s how they managed to shine. Instead of panicking, they took the bull by the horns and they:

  1. Assembled a dedicated IG team to spearhead the initiative. 
  2. Conducted a thorough analysis of their ROT, pinpointing the root causes.
  3. Leveraged technology to classify data based on established policies, and efficiently purged duplicate data. 

The outcome? They transformed their M365 environment into a well-oiled machine where data was not just stored but effectively utilized, ensuring compliance and harnessing the true power of their data. 

Untangling ROT: It’s More Than Just Ones and Zeros

Addressing ROT isn’t just a tech issue. It’s about the people who generate and use this data every day. It’s about grasping the organizational culture, the workflows, and the unique hurdles each department faces. It’s about equipping teams with the right training, tools, and consistent support to ensure ROT doesn’t make a sneaky comeback. 

This comprehensive approach is the essence of our upcoming webinar with Gimmal. We aim to dive deep into real-world scenarios, illustrating how a robust IG strategy can turn ROT from a lurking liability into a managed asset. While M365 is a powerhouse, our session will broaden your perspective, introducing you to strategies and solutions that can amplify your IG initiatives.

Join Our Expedition

If ROT’s been giving you sleepless nights, or if you’re just keen on modern IG strategies, I warmly invite you to join us both at the webinar and the IGW world. Together, let’s traverse the intricate, sometimes daunting, but always rewarding terrain of ROT and IG. Whether you’re an IT maven, a legal tech enthusiast, or just someone who’s passionate about data, there’s a nugget of wisdom for everyone. 

Remember, in the vast universe of data, it’s not about how much you have, but the value you derive from it and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this, especially aligning it with Knowledge Management (KM) in our future discussions. 

See you in San Diego or the webinar OR both. 

Let me know about your ROT challenges that you have or solved.