Migration as a Service (MaaS + IG)

In today's digital era, a seamless and smart data migration isn't just a need, it's a competitive edge. A strong competitive edge is maintained by applying proper IG principals to ensure data quality and reliability

Kindato, in partnership with Gimmal, a pioneer in information governance and records management, proudly presents Migration as a Service (MaaS+IG). Gimmal’s expertise in information governance will ensure that MaaS is not only effective but also leverages proper information governance practices (+IG).

This comprehensive service streamlines migrations to Microsoft M365, facilitating a modern and efficient IT environment. Information governance ensures that data is consistently accurate, accessible, and secure, throughout this migration. With MaaS+IG, organizations can focus on their core business while we handle the complexities of migration and the critical aspects of information governance. 

Three Levels of Migration to Meet Your Unique Needs

Understanding that every organization has different needs and goals, we offer three levels of migration. Each level is designed with information governance in mind, ensuring consistent, compliant, and effective data management.

Lift & Shift Migration

This straightforward migration approach is about moving data from point A to point B. It’s an ideal choice when there’s a need to quickly migrate large volumes of data without alterations.

Filtered Migration​

This level involves migration with an added layer of control. Data is moved selectively based on certain criteria such as date range, type, or relevance, helping to clean up and organize data during the migration process. This selective migration adheres to information governance by enabling effective data lifecycle management, reducing the storage of irrelevant data. Filtered Migration also supports data compliance by allowing organizations to selectively migrate data based on regulatory requirements or business needs thus eliminating the move of ROT.

Intelligent Migration Using AI​

This is our most advanced migration level. It leverages state-of-the-art AI to tag, classify, and migrate data based on sophisticated criteria, ensuring not only the right data is moved, but also that it’s organized effectively in the new environment. By using AI, we enhance the capabilities of information governance, automating the process of data classification, reducing human error, and optimizing data utility. Furthermore, Intelligent Migration enables better data stewardship by improving data discoverability and accessibility, fundamental tenets of sound information governance.

Why Choose MaaS + IG by Kindato and Gimmal?

  • Seamless Migration: With MaaS, we ensure a smooth transition from various data sources to Microsoft M365, reducing the burden on your IT team and minimizing business disruptions.
  • Data Integrity: Our prime focus during the migration process is maintaining your data’s integrity. We incorporate solid data governance policies and best practices throughout, ensuring your data is securely transferred and accurately mapped in the new environment.
  • Turnkey Solution: Our MaaS offering is a comprehensive solution covering every aspect of migration, from planning and execution to testing and post-migration support. We simplify the complexities of migration, so you can concentrate on your core business operations.
  • Experience & Expertise: With Kindato’s deep-rooted expertise in Information Governance (+IG), Knowledge Management, and Content Lifecycle Management (CLM), combined with Gimmal’s prowess in migration and records management, we are well-positioned to handle even the most complex migration scenarios.

Take the Next Step with MaaS+IG

Migration shouldn’t be a roadblock to innovation. With Kindato and Gimmal’s MaaS+IG, you can transform your IT infrastructure seamlessly and intelligently. Leverage our expertise and sophisticated technology to make your migration journey a successful one.

Ready to elevate your organization with Microsoft M365? Contact our experts today and discover how our Migration as a Service can help.

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