Kindato Corp, a US-based international advisory and technology practice, delivers exceptional business results for clients through the strategic application of Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Governance (IG) and related services and technologies. 

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Knowledge Management

We believe that the ultimate goal of managing knowledge is to share information so that it becomes self-sustaining wisdom. We put people at the heart of the equation, followed by the judicious application of appropriate technologies.

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Information Governance

A successful IG framework reflects an organization’s strategic imperatives and helps achieve its objectives with policies and standards that extract greater value from existing, available information for more intelligent, informed decision-making. 

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Every state in the country, the federal government and all the European countries have laws related to the open request for records. Whether an Open Records Request, FOIA or DSAR our technology enabled services provide you an efficient workflow for managing the tasks.

Example Projects

Knowledge Management: Driving the structure of Knowledge Management through the eyes of Knowledge Workers amplifying growth and efficiency. 

So, why is Kindato’s approach so revolutionary? Kindato approaches Knowledge Management using the Knowledge workers perspective, and the businesses areas which they support. We put the people in the businesses first, analyzing the business workflows, their process and ins and outs of knowledge creation, storage and retrieval to support business efficiency and growth. We drive the structure of knowledge more coherently to effectively choose and correctly configure the right tools to support knowledge workers and knowledge consumers. 


Vaccine Management and Scheduler: High Capacity Vaccine Scheduling and Management Solution 

The Kindato Vaccine Management & Scheduling Solution is a SaaS solution with pre-built workflows for inventory management, scheduling and dose management. The VMS can be rapidly deployed with custom dashboards and reporting. Kindato’s background in legal data management and data privacy ensures the foundation for protecting personal information.  

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