Information Governance for M365

Secure Your Data and Maximize Efficiency with Kindato Governance Solutions for Microsoft M365 and TEAMS​

Struggling to manage and protect your organization’s data in the era of cloud-based services like Microsoft 365? 

Our tailored Information Governance solutions minimize risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize data value. Effortlessly manage your data across multiple Microsoft 365 applications with our latest automation technologies.

Partner with our team of experts today and take control of your information governance. 

Teams Adoption Assessment

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams in your organization with our Teams Maturity Adoption Assessment. Our customized roadmap and expert training help you improve productivity, streamline workflows, and drive better business outcomes.

IG Through AI

Efficiently manage and protect your data with our AI-powered Information Governance for M365. Tailored solutions to automate data identification, policy creation, and compliance to reduce risk exposure and improve information governance. Contact us to learn more.

Legacy Data

Legacy data can be a significant challenge for organizations. Let our experts help you identify, manage, and remediate it. Our advanced tools and tailored retention policies will reduce your risk exposure and optimize your data storage.