The past few months have been an amazing journey for our team at eDiscovery Advisory.  We’ve been blessed with opportunities from a diverse set of client-partners ranging from eDiscoveryInformation GovernanceDisaster RecoveryKnowledge Management, and Healthcare information technologies.  

Kindato -- Exceptional People. Extraordinary Results.

We’ve quickly grown beyond our eDiscovery Advisory brand to a broader technology and advisory practice. I recently wrote about creating an “eDiscovery as a Service“ (eDaaS) automation solution in Microsoft M365 to achieve the “State of Kindato”–achieving “Knowledge and Intelligence through Data” utilizing our Kindato Innovation Lab.   

The name “Kindato” resonated with our partner team, Michael Epstein and Jason Thompson.  I’m pleased to announce that our organization will now fully operate under the Kindato ( umbrella with 4 distinct practice areas: 

  • Kindato eDiscovery Advisory – Our technology and provider agnostic advisory practice around eDiscovery & IG challenges leveraging automation and workflows based on our extensive in-house experience.  This includes our M365 eDiscovery as a Service™ (eDaas) combining Microsoft automation technologies, defensible playbooks, customized Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery 2 (AED2) training, and dedicated support staff. 
  • Kindato Advisory – Our technology advisory practice including implementing technology programs related to overall technology strategy, disaster recovery, knowledge management and data management. 
  • Kindato Tech – Our technology development team delivering customized solutions currently focused on healthcare and education technology.  This team recently built a Vaccine Management and Scheduling Solution (VMSS) built in on Amazon Web Service (AWS) as a SaaS solution., 
  • Kindato Labs – Our technology playground with a proprietary test dataset (that’s not Enron) to validate technologies as well as experiment with technology integrations. 

We can only offer these services because of the team working with us to deliver.  Our internal culture and north star for Kindato is all about “Exceptional People, Extraordinary Results”.   

There will be more to come as we transition our marketing and messaging to Kindato.  We are grateful for our community, partners, clients, and teammates. This includes my personal video cast/podcast, “Out of Curiosity” which has evolved around my background as an oral historian to capture the stories of the people that cross my path. 

It’s going to be an amazing journey, and we’ll continue to share about our growth, innovations, and lessons learned on our social media platforms.   

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read about Kindato, and I would enjoy getting your feedback.  I can be reached at: 

Thank you…JV