Teams Governance

Microsoft tells us that over 750,000 organizations in the U.S. have adopted M365 TEAMS as a standard. TEAMS is an application designed to provide centralized messaging (telephony, text and email), access to M365 Office applications and individualized, team and departmental, file storage in OneDrive and SharePoint.  TEAMS is the focal point of current and future Microsoft desktop and cloud interfaces.  

TEAMS has extensive capabilities which offers great opportunity for departmental and organization collaboration. The feature rich environment requires governance and policies to properly deploy.  

Kindato offers an innovative and comprehensive TEAMS Governance program that extends beyond the available training materials from Microsoft. We work with you to implement administrative best practices customized to how your organization works. for our clients.  

TEAMS Governance is the key to the day-to-day management and usability of TEAMS.  By having defined governance principles, our clients have a standardized method of using TEAMS.