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On this episode of OoC we are joined by the remarkable Ann Gorr. Join us as we discuss her consulting work with small to mid-sized businesses, information governance, implementing eDiscovery workflows for IG programs, applying empathy in business, breaking down the acronym E.M.P.A.T.H.Y., the approach behind being technologically agnostic, plus much more!

Ann Gorr, LLC is an Innovative Legal Vertical Market Professional proudly serving, supporting, and advising Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments and Systems Integrators/Partners to implement Best Practice Solutions designed to meet their Technology, Information Governance & Compliance Requirements.

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Host – Jason Velasco, Founder of Kindato/eDiscovery Advisory

Guest – Ann Gorr, Ann Gorr LLC – Legal Technology Consulting Services

Producer – Dean Monserrat, Marketing Director of Kindato/eDiscovery Advisory