Electronic Discovery

Kindato’s deploys white-glove services and technology to specifically meet the needs of organizations with highly confidential, sensitive or technically challenging data discovery requirements. Educational, corporate, financial and governmental organizations have deployed our Discovery technology and processes to resolve highly confidential or technically complex electronic discovery challenges in litigation eDiscovery, internal risk management investigations, human resources inquiries and “C” level analysis projects.

Kindato’s data discovery looks at the situation existing in each project, we assess the scope and breadth or the project, formulate a plan of action and execute to achieve results. We deploy the right people and the right technology to fulfill your need in dealing with your electronically stored information.

TEAMS – Emerging technologies like Microsoft 365 (M365) TEAMS enables organizations to collaborate on telephony, audio and video meetings, messaging, document and data creation, document management seamlessly in the cloud. Kindato Discovery specializes in Microsoft 365, TEAMS and M365 Advanced eDiscovery. Our technologies and services extend the capabilities provided you by Microsoft.

Without the right process, technology and people in place to perform your data and eDiscovery tasks, you increase data leakage, unnecessary costs, create inefficiencies, and introduce incomplete results from the discovery process.

Kindato Discovery Program Benefits:

  • Internal workflows for data governance, identification, and preservation
  • Defined data and retention strategies
  • Discovery results can be reuse across multiple matters
  • Guide processing, review, and production processes
  • Proven defensible workflow and automation
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Program-based processes with your custom playbook
  • Reduction of overall Data and eDiscovery costs and risks
  • Provide enterprise reach and capabilities

With Kindato Electronic Discovery you get our secure proven personalized electronic and data services and technology.