Kindato Labs is a controlled laboratory environment with an alive, modern data flow with the largest real-world office document data set. Kindato Labs provides a secure and efficient method of validating a solutions through independent technology experts, testing specialists, and trusted industry analysts.

Technology solutions are challenged with validating their technology solutions when going to market.  Kindato Labs solves this providing a safe, air tight environment to test and showcase their value to clients.

The Kindato Labs team will provide technology companies with:

  • Independent software attestation with an objective report with industry standard performance and functionality measurements
  • Independent peer review working closely with technology product owners
  • Blind testing by technology and testing experts
  • Software review and roadmap guidance
  • Security and compliance review
  • Testing as a Service

The Kindato Labs testing environments have terabytes of real-world organizational data with email flow between users with active data traffic in Microsoft M365 Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, 3rd party file storage, and other collaboration technologies (e.g. Slack).  Our testing environment contains built-in communication user scenarios and data Easter Eggs to identify the search, retrieval, and indexing of large volumes of data.

Proof of Concept (PoC) as Service

Kindato Labs offers organizations a safe, secure, real-work testing environment to without risking the security of using their own data and infrastructure.

Demo Site as a Service

Currently available data sets like the Enron data are overly scrubbed and archaic that do not reflect the currently technology and data environments.  Technology companies and their product teams can showcase their solutions to potential clients using the Kindato Labs environment. Kindato Labs can host your demo environment securely and make it available to your sales teams as well as directly to potential customers.