Knowledge Management

Our Transformational Approach

Knowledge Management, or KM, means many things to many people. Definitions usually reflect tech-heavy solutions for manipulating mountains of data to solve complex business challenges and improve operational efficiencies. Technology certainly plays a supporting role in the management of knowledge and is at the core of many traditional knowledge management practices.

But at Kindato, we look at KM a little differently. 

We take a transformational approach to KM, and look at it from the perspective of the individual knowledge consumer. Our methodology is built around capturing, distributing, retaining, leveraging, and sharing the collective knowledge, both explicit and tacit, of an organization and its affiliates

Through our comprehensive assessment process, we examine the creation of knowledge, the ins and outs of business workflows with their associated processes, and how organizations function structurally through their social networks. A customized KM solution is then framed out and designed with a roadmap featuring innovative KM tools for quick wins as well as long-term strategy. We help promote the solution through an impactful call to action for broad buy-in and support from all organizational levels. Finally, we deliver effective maintenance and growth strategies, ensuring the successful continuity of all that hard-won momentum.

The results are clear and include: 

  • • Definitive understanding of how knowledge management can benefit an organization by reducing costs, increasing productivity and enhancing security
  • • Reduced duplication of effort and repeatable errors by sharing experiences, how-to’s and lessons learned through a common and accessible knowledge base
  • • Employment of accepted taxonomies and the effective use of both native and customized metadata resources
  • • Reusable ideas, documentation and expertise that can be communicated widely and quickly – so that the right information gets to the right people at the right time

In a word, wisdom and who couldn’t benefit from a little more wisdom? Let us show you how!