Many companies approach knowledge management through the lens of the data itself, but as we know, data without context is dead data. Why throw artificial intelligence at the information to find out what business weight each document has? A key issue is work products which sometimes seem unfavorable are valuable to the departments who created it, and to the people who may use it to further develop innovative ideas, avoiding wheel reinvention.

So, why is Kindato‚Äôs approach so revolutionary? 

Kindato approaches Knowledge Management using the Knowledge workers perspective and the businesses areas which they support. We put the people in the businesses first, analyzing the business workflows their process and ins and outs of knowledge creation,storage and retrieval to support business efficiency and growth. We drive the structure of knowledge more coherently to effectively choose and correctly configure the right tools to support knowledge workers and knowledge consumers.

How do you measure a profound knowledge management solution? Does it benefit you in the following ways? 

  1. Processes and procedures can be standardized and repeatable 
  1. Faster, more efficient decision-making 
  1. Users can easily find relevant information and resources 
  1. People understand exactly how their knowledge is used for college benefit 
  1. Ideas, documents, and expertise can be reused 
  1. Important information gets communicated widely and quickly 
  1. Methods, tools, templates, techniques, and examples are available 
  1. Avoiding making the same mistakes twice 
  1. Innovation and growth are stimulated 
  1. No duplication of effort