Development and Launch of customized solutions to strengthen, streamline, and supplement your business and education institution.

The Kindato Innovation Studio is an efficient technology development studio, providing entrepreneurs access to technology experts, investors and product development methodology to successfully launch new products.

  • Leverage the Kindato Data Management Framework (DMF) for data privacy and security.   
  • Infrastructure support in AWS and Azure 
  • On demand experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, User Experience (UX), and Blockchain 
  • Design and branding expertise to prepare swift "Go-to-Market" strategy 
  • Access to the Kindato Labs  for technology validation 
  • Back-office administrative, accounting, human resources, and legal support 
  • Seasoned business management and leadership to guide the entrepreneurial journey 

Current Innovation Studio Technologies 

Vaccine Management Scheduling (VMS) 

The Kindato Vaccine Management & Scheduling Solution is a SaaS solution with pre-defined workflows for inventory management, patient scheduling and vaccine management. The VMS can be rapidly deployed with custom dashboards and reporting. VMS can be configured to manage healthcare scheduling outside of vaccine management. 

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Microsoft M365 eDiscovery Automation Portal 

Kindato's M365 eDiscovery as a Service (eDaaS) program combines proprietary automation workflows built within M365's Advanced eDiscovery and resource solutions to manage every step of the eDiscovery process including retaining search history and introducing workflow to aid your organizations DPO review process.  Organizations can take advantage of their existing Microsoft M365 functionality without moving data between numerous outside providers and data systems, mitigating risks and providing a more secure, defensible, and cost-effective solution. 

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Lean Program Strategy Roadmap 

Kindato's Lean Program Strategy Roadmap provides technology executives (CIO, CTO) a SaaS solution to showcase the elements, dependencies, and success of their technology programs.  The Lean Program Strategy Roadmap is a multi-dimensional long-term roadmap view that can be easily updated in real-time. Kindato's Advisory services assists will conduct customized workshops to collect data, organize it and populate the initial roadmap with your initial program strategy.  In addition our advisory services team will create a periodic review process to keep the roadmap up to date. 

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