Information Governance (IG)

Rules of the Road

Information Governance (IG) is the strategic framework for managing an organization’s information. One may liken it to understanding that the accepted rules of the road – red lights mean “stop,” green lights mean “go”, and so on – are essential for safe and efficient travel on today’s information highways.

Our team will tailor IG-specific solutions that tackle the complexities of your enterprise technology base and the expansion of information across business roles and departments. Our solutions incorporate data privacy regulations at local, state, federal, and global levels, always with an eye on data integrity and security. A key part of ouur implementation process is to develop and share training modules with team members so they understand and comply with the solution – the “rules of the road.”

Creating an effective governance framework will help everyone in an organization comply with information lifecycle management, and business continuity concerns. IG manages various legal and ethical considerations, as well as issues around security, privacy, integrity, and authenticity. Since many of these issues are in constant flux, the framework needs to be both agile and adaptable as business and regulatory needs evolve over time or due to circumstances.

A Kindato IG solution will simplify information access so decision-makers can do what they do best – make informed choices quickly and wisely.

The result is cost-effective productivity and a stronger information infrastructure.

It’s never too early to start building your powerful and efficient IG framework. Let us show you how!