Tailoring Educational Transformation – The Kindato Way

Education is transformative. In the hands of experienced educators, innovative transformation results in student success that continues to grow far beyond graduation.

And the very first ingredient in that success is information in the form of data – lots and lots of data.

But transforming that mountain of information into success isn’t easy. There’s course work (text files, worksheets, audio/video files) and student matriculation info (financial, records, conduct and contact data). Then there’s the support systems underpinning all that information – software compatibility issues, remote learning program management, regulatory compliance and information security, along with the day-to-day business of running an institution – all under the restraints of limited resources.

Fortunately, Kindato can help by crafting solutions tailored just for you.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in data and information management, our people are specialists in the fields of Knowledge Management, Information Governance, Microsoft Teams Governance and Open Records Request Tools.

When we work with you, we start with an assessment. We conduct in-depth interviews about who you are as an institution, how you work, the state of your data and technologies. Then we generate a comprehensive list of requirements tailored to your specific needs – YOUR needs, not those of the guys down the street. We don’t use standardized “rinse and repeat” strategies.

Like fine British tailors, we craft bespoke solutions that fit you to perfection.

Let us help measure your organization for success.