Education and Learning Management

School digitalisation - a disruptive crisis, which has hardly been satisfactorily analysed in its scope and severity. The basis of this realisation is the prevailing, hasty equation of the digitalisation of the school environment with the digital instruments themselves, be it hardware or software. However, these are nothing but further instruments, like the book or the blackboard itself. So anyone who thinks they can transfer established teaching methods to new instruments is doomed to failure with IPad and app. School digitalisation starts where the instrument, the new media itself, organically grows new teaching methods and didactics and, above all, expands and improves old models. Concepts for school digitisation and new media must reach much deeper, so that we can currently avoid the most typical of all teacher sentences: "My class now has iPads and we have lots of apps, but what do I do with them?"

Define Your Program Goals

Even if your organization has determined there is a need for an LMS, you might not have yet developed a clear sense of purpose for the program. An LMS consultant can help drive the discussion and clarification around building clear and measurable goals for your program.

Align with Your Objectives

Once the program goals have been defined, an LMS Consultant can help align your LMS choice and implementation with a platform that provides the features and scalability to meet those objectives. As part of this process, the Consultant may develop milestones and measurements to ensure that you are on track to achieve those learning goals.

Maximize Your ROI

Effective LMS Consulting Solutions and Services can help to see that you get the greatest return from your LMS investment by helping to ensure that your system offers all of the features you need to achieve your goals, without over-spending.

Teaching and Learning Management

ProScola - a new, modern, digitized form of education for students and teachers alike.

The system guides the teachers and students through the day in “real time” timetables and lesson locations and provides controlled documentation and learning materials required for each lesson, in a context-sensitive manner.

Teaching aids can be displayed directly within the ProScola system, media can be played, and documents can be printed out if required.

All lessons can be accessed online by students if desired at any time through controlled internet access.

Administration and Communication

Proscola facilitates and improves the administration of schools through a variety of instruments.

The administration of all school-relevant data pertaining to infrastructure, teachers and students as well as an extensive document management system.

Grades, absences and disciplinary notes are managed uniformly and can be viewed by authorized persons at any time.

Proscola manages and accommodates team meetings. Discussion topics are set, protocols are drawn up and relevant persons are informed immediately about decisions and plans.

All data can be presented, printed out or exported in report form.

The security of managed data is our highest priority.


Proscola supports teachers in their day-to-day educational work.

Teachers are given the opportunity to do class preparation and lessons automatically and according to educational and curriculum needs. These lessons are stored permanently within the system and can be shared locally and internationally, re-used year on year, modified and deleted.

Internationally shared lessons are made available to all teachers within the Proscola Shared Network.

The standard document builder helps comply with quality standards and makes additional teaching methods available without extensive effort or special knowledge.

Student coaching is available to sub-areas of the student’s skill levels and facilitates specific student needs and meaningful parental talks.

Set priorities and deadlines determine whether agreements are being adhered to.

Automatically document the entire student-specific coaching process and indicate what pedagogical measures you have taken or still need to be taken.