In last week’s livestream episode of ACEDS‘ eDiscovery Leaders Live, Reveal-Brainspace‘s Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness George Socha and Kindato CEO Jason Velasco caught up to share insight into Jason’s career journey. Jason also shares his perspectives and what we’re doing here at Kindato.

Use the links to skip ahead to specific parts of their discussion or watch the full video below.

2:31 – George ask Jason to share his background and his journey in the eDiscovery and information governance space.

5:30 – What inspired Jason to start a company like Renew Data.

6:45 – Jason shares the lessons he has learned from being in-house.

8:58 – George and Jason discuss how to set things up for success and not short term solutions.

10:38 – George and Jason share a laugh over a challenge in-house professionals face daily.

11:10 – Jason talks about why being technology agnostic is important and that there is no “easy button” approach.

13:26 – George and Jason talk what types or sources of data have become particularly important.

14:31 – Jason shares the challenges Kindato sees clients facing in Microsoft 365 (M365).

17:10 – George asks Jason about Kindato and what Kindato does for small to medium sized businesses and providing managed services

18:27 – Jason defines “managed services” and what that means as it relates to Kindato.

21:15 – Jason shares what the Kindato team is working on including building Teams-centric eDiscovery workflow engine using Microsoft and Azure.

21:59 – George asks Jason about the partners Kindato works including law firms.

23:42 – George and Jason discuss Microsoft 365 and Advanced Discovery and its capabilities as well as how Kindato is helping to educate the marketplace. Watch training videos here: Microsoft Advanced Discovery Video Training

25:41 – George and Jason talk about the Out of Curiosity Series including why we launched the series and who have been guests.

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