There’s no greater factor than trust when considering a person’s willfulness to engage in online activity, being able to have faith that your personal data is protected by best practices and updated technology without being misused harmfully can ultimately be a deciding element.  

With the new iOS 15 update (which is available at this very moment), iPhone users can experience some restored confidence that they’re being protected with the addition of some nifty privacy features. 

The following iOS privacy features can be implemented immediately: 

  1. Hide My Email (Email Scrubbing). When signing up for a service your email will be scrambled with a random email being generated on your behalf. The service you sign up for is unable to receive any of your personal information and any emails will be forwarded to you. 
  1. Private Relay. Safari uses two different internet relays to ensure that your previously unencrypted traffic becomes encrypted. 
  1. Protect Mail Activity. Mail Privacy Protection hides your IP address while simultaneously loading your remote content privately. This has huge implications on the future of tracking marketing metrics. 
  1. Find My. While more of a security feature, the updates to the “Find My” app will allow users to track the location of their device even when the device is powered down. 
  1. App Privacy Report. This creates a record of the times your installed apps have compiled your data within the last week. It also shows which third-parties your information has been shared with. 

This somewhat conflicts with the cynic in me. While you probably should never fully instill your faith in any tech company when it comes to security and data privacy, the extent to which iOS 15 improves the blocking, surveying, tracking, storing and the selling of your personal data and information is a massive step in the right direction. If you’re passionate about protecting your data, the trend these security features are going in is a sign of good faith. To even further protect yourself, check out these Simple Ways to Boost Your Data Security