Providing technology and data solutions with a strong foundation in data privacy, compliance, analytics, machine learning, automation, eDiscovery, Information Governance, and Knowledge Management.

Kindato’s Advisory team is a global group of technologists and experts in Information and Data Governance with extensive experience leading corporations, law firms, and governmental entities through the legal, data management, compliance and privacy issues confronted by organizations in the 21st century. Our advisory solutions focus on providing customized solutions for long-term benefits while improving efficiency and reducing costs. We do this by partnering with our clients to understand their specific challenges and then leveraging eDiscovery methods, legal hold, legacy data remediation, data management solutions, data categorization, data privacy, Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) strategies, and GDPR/CCPA compliance.

Kindato works extensively with Microsoft M365 Advanced eDiscovery workflows and automation to provide eDiscovery as a Service Solutions (eDaaS) along with our eDiscovery Advisory services.

Kindato’s M365 eDiscovery as a Service program (eDaaS) combines proprietary automation workflows built within the M365 Advanced eDiscovery, as well as expert solutions to help clients manage every step of the eDiscovery process. Organizations can take advantage of their existing functionality without expensive third-party data systems. This internalized approach mitigates risks and provides secure, defensible, and cost-effective solutions.

Kindato approaches Knowledge Management using the Knowledge workers perspective, and the businesses areas which they support. We put the people in the businesses first, analyzing the business workflows, their process and ins and outs of knowledge creation, storage and retrieval to support business efficiency and growth. We drive the structure of knowledge more coherently to effectively choose and correctly configure the right tools to support knowledge workers and knowledge consumers.

Technology and Data

IT Strategy and Programs – Kindato Advisors have expertise in business and technology to facilitate the development of an integrated IT strategy for an organization.

  • Business Requirement and Technology Alignment
  • Current State Technology Program Analysis
  • Future State Technology Vision & Strategy
  • Technology Program Strategy Roadmap along with Lean Program Strategy Roadmap

Data Governance

In an era of overwhelming data growth and digital transformation, the need for a mature Data Governance and Data Management program is not just an opportunity for increased efficiency, it is critical to business growth and innovation.

If you've previously had a failed Data Governance initiative, find yourself questioning which data is sensitive, or just inherited a disorganized mess, we understand and are here to help. Data Governance and Data Management requires solutions specifically tied to your business needs.

The Kindato Framework for Data Governance and comprehensive services for Data Management enables your organization to assess data faster – with a simplified, targeted methodology – deriving actionable insights that can quickly be implemented with minimal disruption to your business.

A successful Data Governance and Data Management program will benefit your organization with a clear data ownership model, more reliable data, faster insights, reduced risk and overall increased operational efficiency. It has the power to unify IT and your business behind one common goal and foster cross-functional collaboration at levels previously not thought possible.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Advisory

It's important to consider how your business may be impacted by a variety of disasters and to be adequately prepared for those situations. The Kindato Advisory team can assist your organization by developing a Disaster Recovery Plan that can help protect critical business assets and minimize operational risk.

Here are a few steps to consider when developing one:

  • Establish crisis management procedures
  • Identify communication protocols
  • Review business interruption coverage
  • Maintain documentation
  • Plan for continuity
  • By addressing and planning for different scenarios, you can determine the best approach for disaster preparedness and recovery.

Technology Workflow and Onboarding

The Kindato Advisory Team provides consulting services in workflow and infrastructure design, implementation, and management. Whether you are looking to improve efficiency or need to manage change across your business, our Workflow Consulting Services are here to help you and your teams meet your goals.

We also provide expertise in assessing, selecting, and implementing technologies into your infrastructure along with the data integration.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Using AI & Machine learning, Kindato's experts will help you unlock the value of your structured and unstructured data, deliver real-time insights and gain a competitive edge for your business. Our experts have experience in:

  • Big Data and Analytics – Blending Data Science with a business focused strategic outlook to ensure you achieve ROG from your analytics initiatives
  • Advanced Analytics – Incorporate data science, machine learning, data mining, forecasting, and simulations to offer predictive capabilities to clients
  • Natural Language Processing – Leverage deep learning techniques to gain meaningful insights and relationships from enormous volumes of text
  • Speech Recognition – Enhance customer service automation, decrease operational costs and improve security by leveraging our speech recognition solutions
  • Image Recognition – Help enterprises explore new business opportunities while strengthening the current business process
  • Deep Neural Networks – Unstructured and unlabeled data to recognize patterns to derive high quality business intelligence
  • Business Intelligence – discover and gain perspective from their business data. Our key offerings include: Ad-hoc and Insightful Reporting, Intelligent Dashboards, Data Visualization, OLAP Cube Design and Implementation.

Intelligent Automation

Kindato provides comprehensive intelligent automation advisory and implementation services for organizations looking to establish an automation strategy, implement scalable solutions and maximize performance of ongoing automation initiatives. Intelligent Automation refers to an array of emerging technologies (e.g., Robotic Process Automation ("RPA"), Optimal Character Recognition automation ("OCR"), Machine Learning, and more) that can be combined to digitize and automate even the most complex end-to-end processes. Intelligent Automation enables organizations to improve the bottom line while freeing up human resources to focus on more complex, value-added activities.

Education Technology and Learning Management

Kindato Advisory provides planning, implementation, and ongoing management of an educational institution's Learning Management System (LMS). Our Learning Management experts can guide an organization through the process of mapping out training goals, correlate with necessary LMS features, and determining the best approach to modernize your educational goals.

Our services include:

Digitization Strategy

  • Technology advisory
  • Change management


  • Training

Implement and Design Learning Management solutions

Go-to-Market Marketing and Branding

Kindato Advisory can help with creating properly developed & pragmatic Go-To-Market strategy to:

  • Define target markets
  • Create target client profiles
  • Develop marketplace brand positioning
  • Define and develop content for offerings
  • Design an appropriate marketing strategy

We have deep functional expertise in sales, marketing, pricing, competitive analysis, and product management with a robust collection of methodologies and tools to achieve great results.

We also offer:

  • Website design and development
  • Mobile application development
  • E-Commerce and SaaS solutions
  • Online Video & Podcast Marketing and Production
  • Content generation