About Kindato

Kindato Global is a team of international experts & entrepreneurs in technology and data brought together with the mutual intent of bringing technology and data management to the masses.

Our journey began dealing with complex legal workflows in computer forensics, eDiscovery, data privacy, and compliance. Over the course of our careers, we’ve developed technology and advised some of the largest global institutions on managing data.

Throughout the years of our growth, we’ve worked with academic institutions and healthcare organizations to create technology like the Vaccine Management System (VMS) , M365 eDiscovery Automation and the Lean Strategy Roadmap .
Combining the ability to develop technology with automation and analytics along with our data privacy background, Kindato’s proprietary Data Management Framework (DMF) provides the ability to take solutions from concept to implementation in a minimal timeframe.

Kindato’s Advisory team continues to assist our customers with complex issues in Knowledge Management, data privacy, learning management, healthcare technology workflows, information governance, and eDiscovery.

Kindato’s Innovation Studio will continue to incubate solutions and develop solutions.

Our Team

Jason Velasco

CEO - Founder

Michael Epstein

CTO - Founder

Maribel Rivera

Chief Marketing Officer

Roy Plattel

Chief Revenue Officer

Janice Jainullah

SVP Branding & Web Architect